About Me: Kim Knox

I am extremely passionate about health and wellness. As a child, I was shy and overweight, which led to self-esteem issues in my early adult life. At 25, I made the decision to change my life and gain the confidence I so desperately desired. My journey began with Yoga and running. I ran three half marathons my first year running, and I went on to competed in several half and full marathons. These days, I stick to shorter trail runs, as my 46 year old body doesn’t like the distance or hard roads anymore.

Knowing what it felt like to be the FAT Kid, I wanted to pass on my knowledge and passion for fitness to others. So I became a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and I know have over 20 years industry experience.

In 2020, I started posting free online workouts to YouTube as a way to connect with my fit family during this pandemic. KKX Fitness is an online fit club; a place to connect with other fit minded people while staying safe and strong!

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